How Do We Help Teachers and Students?

Hear and Learn, with a nationwide network of hands-on people to service you, is the sole supplier of Lightspeed products. With a family of solutions for any size and design of learning spaces, we create a surround sound effect for the voices of educators and students, and audio of visual teaching aids like projectors, whiteboards and the like.

We retrofit existing classrooms, and build into new buildings. We design solutions for you, provide set up advice and training, and service.

We think of listening in learning spaces like we already do with vision; in the same way we ensure everyone can see by turning the lights on, we capture and evenly spread the sounds of teaching to create of more equitable environment for all learners irrespective of how far away from teachers. Better listening, better learning, better teaching.

Better Learning

Your connection to the brains of your Learners is better achieved if everything you say is delivered clearly and consistently while you use a conversational voice. It’s like every child is sitting next to you wherever you are.

Voice Care

Have you ever suffered from voice strain from teaching? Ever known a teacher who is damaged after years of orating at a volume higher than if they were chatting over dinner? It projection another word for shouting? Voices fade fast. Rooms are big. It's tough to teach. Hear and Learn Hubs allow teachers to speak in a conversational voice. By capturing the voice, and allowing it to be broadcast where children are, bad noise drops as learners are more engaged and good noise jumps as our Hubs do the work. Portable and built in solutions available.


We now know of the challenges faced by todays learners. Beyond hearing impairment, issues including Central Auditory Processing Disorder and the cultural and linguistic diversity of students are very relevant. Hear and Learn Hubs help.

Better Behavior

Creating an equal auditory learning experience for all learners means there is better engagement. Hear and Learn Hubs facilitate creating calmer environments and help address the challenges teachers face day to day.

How Do We Help With Learning Space Design?

Hear and Learn Hubs are being specified in designs for new schools. Architects know of the better learning outcomes if you think of sound in the same way as you think of sight.

How Do We Help With Differentiated Learning and Agile Learning Spaces?

We have Pods that groups of learners use where they sit. They are wireless speakers with in built microphones.

Teachers can flick from whole group instruction to talking to an individual desk.

Learners can talk back to the teacher via Pod to the Teacher's earpiece.

Teachers can listen in on learners without them knowing.

Learners can use a call button to get the attention of teachers.

Teachers can talk to each other privately wherever they are.

How Do we help with Hearing Augmentation?

All Hear and Learn Hubs connect, without software or proprietary appliances, to personal assistive listening devices, neck loops and induction loops. They have been created to meet Australian standards, in accordance with the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 – F2010L00668.  Any room, any need, any application.

How are Hear and Learn Hubs Better?

The way our devices operate is unique. We are the only supplier that uses the Access platform. ‘Access‘ Microphone to Hear and Learn Hub Transmission System is unique. It does does interfere with Wifi. It doesn’t need tuning. It doesn’t need updating.

‘Exciter’ speaker technology. Engineered for voice. One speaker can service a whole rooms. Subtle, clear. It creates a mist in the air to deliver sound equally throughout rooms.

Agnostic and Easy integration. Any type of transmitter for any Assistive Listening Device connects out our Hubs. What everyone hears is what is delivered to the hearing impaired student. No incompatibility. No software. No upgrades.

The Proof From Australian Teachers!

  • Principal, State Primary School, Perth WA “Sound enhancement allows for easier and more effective whole class teaching. There is no reason now for children not to hear the instruction. I have found that I give clearer more direct instruction and probably speak less. Children listen more and respond more effectively.”
  • Just though I would sit and write a thank you for organizing the installment of our wonderful Hear and Learn System. Although this system was installed for one of our hearing impaired students I just have to say what a great system for many of our other students. The classroom teacher using the Hear and Learn constantly comments on the affect it is having on other students in the grade that would normally be disengaged and not listening during specific learning times. These students are sitting up and listening to every word, less confused with expectations on them, joining in with class discussions, working confidently and being more productive during class time. There seems to be greater clarity to the voice and the EAL (whom we have many at ANPS) students are showing more interest in their learning. I would love to eventually get this system throughout our school especially for our PSDMS students and especially for our large number of EAL students. Our Specialist teachers have found the system to be a great benefit and are using it with many of their classes not just for our hearing impaired student. I am looking forward to see where this can take our students in their learning outcomes. Regards, Robyn Gregson Assistant Principal, Altona North” Principal, Independent Primary School, Sydney, NSW
  • “The gentle amplification of the teacher’s voice enables boys to more clearly hear what is being taught or asked, meaning for the first time, some boys are able to be focused right from the start of a lesson, rather than in the follow up phase. It is even more impressive when boys themselves realise the impact this has on their ability to learn” “We have just had a revolutionary new classroom sound system put in each classroom here as part of our redevelopment. The feedback from the boys has been incredibly positive and we have only had it in less than a week.” “One Year 6 teacher has found that the boys are now much quieter, so he has trained himself to talk more softly. There is no need to project his voice to the back of the room any more, which has the added benefit of reducing vocal fatigue. It is not only the teachers who have a microphone. The boys also have their own microphone for times when they have to address the class, such as sharing their news, or delivering a PowerPoint presentation.”
  • Mrs Angie Morris (Year 5AM Teacher) Good classrooms are full of discussion and vibrant language use. One teacher voice in the midst of that is sometimes drowned out. The Red Cat’s ensure that the teacher’s voice is heard by every student equally well, no matter where they sit in the classroom or where the teacher stands. It allows for a greater variety of lesson delivery and allows each student to access learning situations equally.
  • Mr Nathan Weil (Year 4NW Teacher) I have found the Red Cat system to be an extremely versatile system in the classroom. First and foremost it allows all students to hear more clearly, enabling better learning outcomes. The system also allows for easier behaviour management and can even be used as a reading tool for students to hear themselves and each other, as they read individual texts.
  • Miss Amanda Losurdo (Year 2AL Teacher) I find the Red Cat system particularly good for when the students are positioned in certain areas of the classroom. My voice carries, not only in the immediate vicinity of where I am talking with students, but is also able to be heard clearly on the other side of the classroom.
  • Ms Nicola Pennisi (Year 1NP Teacher) The Red Cat system has been a valuable addition in Year 1. This not only helps the children to be able to hear instructions clearly, but also prevents voice strain for the teacher. It is a useful tool to quickly get the focus of the whole class.
  • With a number of our boys presenting with Auditory Processing issues, the Lightspeed Sound Amplification system was just what we were looking for and in a very short time, has had a noticeable impact on the lives of many boys. The gentle amplification of the teacher’s voice enables boys to more clearly hear what is being taught or asked, meaning for the first time, some boys are able to be focussed right from the start of a lesson, rather than in the follow up phase. It is even more impressive when boys themselves realise the impact this has on their ability to learn. My teachers were so impressed with a trial of this system; we will soon have one in every classroom across our primary school! Whilst primarily implemented for the benefit of boys, the system has helped staff as well. From one teacher, “The system is also useful with voice strain. I actually had a sore throat when I was first given the system to use and it saved my voice a lot! Whilst I do not have any students with hearing issues, I am sure this system would benefit students greatly. Thanks to Darren and his team for this terrific classroom assistance.” Guy Mason Scotch College Junior School
  • “We are using the Flex Cat (clarity and amplifying aid in our classroom everyday. We use it to run and manage Literacy groups and independent learning times. It is beneficial because we can monitor and check the progress of students at any time and they can communicate with us without having to wander around the room or wait in a line. It also allows us to listen into their conversations(that can be interesting) checking to see if they are on task or need further prompts and assistance. If you are in an older classroom the Flex Cat allows your voice to be projected around the room from any position and all children will be able to hear you in a clear and appropriate manner. The children also use the device when sharing their work or news which allows everyone to hear them clearly opposed to times when their voices may not be loud enough to project around the room, Using this device builds their confidence when speaking in a group and further develops their oral language.” Feedback back from Catholic Primary School in South East Melbourne

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