School audio system case studies

Hear and Learn school audio systems allow every learner to receive every part of every word that a teacher offers them.

The fact is this: Sound fades over distance. Especially consonant sounds. Raising your voice doesn’t overcome sound fading. Auditory Learning is optimised with Hear and Learn Hubs.

Design benchmarks adopted by head offices recognise the deterioration of sound over distance. They speak of reverberation times, of leak between one learning space and another. Our school audio system technology complements these ideas by allowing the conversation voice of teachers and students to be gently delivered to all students.

Why Hear and Learn? What’s different?

The ‘brain’ in our Hear and Learn Hubs is exclusive. No clash with wi-fi. No channel switches. No beltpacks. Easy expansion for additional microphones, multimedia integration and adoption of exclusive differentiated learning platform.

Access Technology communications platform

Access Technology is a digital wireless communication solution that combines proven 1.9 GHz DECT transmission protocols with advanced digital signal processing. Unlike traditional analog radio frequency transmission, Access uses frequency-hopping spread spectrum to avoid interference.

See what schools across Australia are saying about how our classroom management tools have transformed their learning environments, creating benefits for both students and teachers.

St Joseph’s School Korumburra

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent customer service and advice given to myself as I began the process of looking at providing the best possible access for all children at St Joseph’s. The option for us to trial the different components you offered was outstanding as it gave…

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Dr Janelle Wills Testimonial

Over 2018, Dr Janelle Wills conducted an analysis of the Activate small group / differentiated learning technology. Read why it is concluded “All participating teachers reported positive impacts of the use of the Activate system had on the conditions for learning within their classrooms. Significantly, the use of the system improved instructional, assessment and reporting…

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Gymea Bay Public School Testimonial

Hear and Learn has installed 4 SoundHouse soundfield/hearing aug solutions in 4 rooms. Complete with Activate Pods, read why Gymea Bay loves our solutions – Gymea Bay Public School Testimonial.  

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Queanbeyan West Public School Testimonial and Thank you Letter

DOWNLOAD THIS CASE STUDY On behalf of Queanbeyan West Public School I would like to thank you for your recent support in the purchase of Redcat Access Soundfields. We currently have the Soundfields in place in the majority of our infants classrooms and feedback so far has been amazing. The Redcats with teacher Flexmikes are…

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Forbes Primary School Testimonial

From Amanda Harvey, Indonesian Teacher from Forbes Primary School:   I have found the system easy to use, as long as its charged, you can’t go wrong! It is user friendly and has minimal buttons to learn how to use. The students are excited by the system and are quick to put their hands up…

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Methodist Ladies College-Melbourne

Integrated audio enhancement technology at Methodist Ladies’ College, Kew is supporting the delivery of two of the school’s core vales: inclusion and diversity. According to the Coordinator of MLC’s Prep to Year 12 Deaf Integration program, Ms Lynda Exell, the school places a “huge priority” on no girl being singled out. “These RedCAT units have…

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St Agatha’s, Cranbourne

Cranbourne lower primary teachers are counteracting large class sizes and noisy classrooms with equipment usually associated with amplifying sound – microphones and speakers – and the results have been surprising. Prep to Grade 4 teachers at St Agatha’s, Cranbourne are using Hear and Learn’s RedCAT system to equalise the quality and volume of the teacher’s…

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Leschenault Catholic Primary School, WA

RedCAT, a catalyst for change and developing community at WA’s Leschenault Catholic Primary School Optimising listening conditions and learning spaces is a key driver for Leschenault Catholic Primary School Principal, Paula MacKenzie, and her staff. It is vital to them that lessons and instructions are delivered to suit the competencies of all children at the…

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St Nicholas Catholic Primary School, Tamworth

New primary school building features Hear and Learn classroom sound systems in every room We wish to extend our congratulations to Architects Glendenning Szoboszlay in Sydney, JHA Consulting Engineers, David Payne Construction and teachers and staff at St Nicholas Catholic Primary School in Tamworth on the completion of their new learning spaces. Cutting edge education…

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St Stephen’s Primary School

It was the reaction of a Year 3 student to new technology that made the Head of St Stephen’s Primary School, Darnelle Pretorius, realise the profound impact the classroom audio system could have for children with auditory processing problems. “When that student said ‘Wow, I can really hear you. What’s different?’, I realised the potential…

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St Catherine’s Catholic College Primary School, QLD

An audio technology system has become an integral part of Proserpine’s St Catherine’s Catholic College Primary School classrooms, and its Acting Principal wouldn’t have it any other way. Hear and Learn’s RedCAT audio technology has become part of everyday life across all the Primary School’s classrooms. “We couldn’t do without them,” says Acting Principal of…

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Casino Public School

According to Casino Public School’s Principal, Garry Carter, if a student can’t hear they can’t learn, and the school is doing everything possible to ensure that doesn’t happen. Casino Public School is one of a new breed of schools where budget constraints give way to students’ learning needs rather than community expectations, and a high…

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Morley Primary School, WA

In a catchment area that includes families from Asia, India, the Middle East and Africa as well as indigenous Australian families, more than 50% of Morley Primary School’s student population has English as a Second Language. “We’re in an area quite close to the city with a transient population,” explains Deputy Principal Ms Amanda Box….

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St Mary’s College, Hobart

A major interior refurbishment at one of Hobart’s oldest educational establishment has brought both classes of each year level into close proximity, creating what senior staff believe is a more conducive and cooperative learning and teaching environment. Central to the success of the larger, more open classrooms is Hear and Learn’s RedCAT audio system, designed…

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Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School, WA

A recent combined screening program at Bunbury, WA’s Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School revealed one third of its students had some form of hearing loss due to fluid in the middle ear canal. A range of health and well-being programs have been initiated at the school, but it’s the introduction of new classroom sound systems and…

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Mary McKillop Primary School, Narre Warren North

At Mary MacKillop Primary in Narre Warren, Melbourne, teachers use the Hear and Learn Flexcat system. Teachers Tamara and Margaret explain; “We are using the Flex Cat (clarity and amplifying aid) in our classroom everyday. We use it to run and manage Literacy groups and independent learning times. It is beneficial because we can monitor…

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