News & facts about our classroom audio systems

Changes to what assistive listening tech is supplied to Secondary aged Learners

February 14, 2023

Australia leads the world in how Learners are assisted when they are diagnosed with a permanent hearing loss. They are supplied with personal assistive listening devices which include a hearing aid, and tiny receivers built into them which received transmissions of audio which can included Public Performance Audio, Screen Audio, front office messaging and voices….

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What is Central Auditory Processing Disorder and how can teacher voice amplification systems help?

February 13, 2023

Beyond the complexities of optimising auditory learning attached to larger and more agile learning spaces, the cultural and linguistic diversity of Australian learners, permanent and fluctuating hearing loss and teacher voice strain, there is the issue of learners being challenged by Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD). Sometimes known as Auditory Process Disorder, CAPD means learners…

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Teacher Voice Loss and how soundfield can help

February 12, 2023

Teacher voice loss or strain is a very real issue.  Can you think of Australian employees other than Teachers being required to speak to groups of people for hours in a day without the use of microphones or amplifiers and speakers? As you can read in the document linked in the “Read more” button bellow:…

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Pick your own SoundHouse colour!

February 10, 2023

Hear and Learn is proud to have been part of a new construction in eastern Victoria. St Gabriel’s Primary School in Traralgon has a new 6 space building featuring 4 Collaborative, 1 STEM and 1 Multipurpose learning spaces all fitted with bespoke UConnect Soundhouse in Dulux Kinetic Silver Pearl complete with in-ceiling speakers and soundfield technology….

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Fluctuating listening challenges because of middle ear infection

February 10, 2023

While Australia leads the world in assisting young citizens with permanent hearing loss, there are many learners which suffer from middle ear infections. Colloquially known as Glue Ear and Surfers Ear, and something we can all experience when suffering from illness, it is medically defined as Otitis Media. Educators may find interesting the document prepared…

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NSW Public School enjoys best practice listening conditions

December 4, 2022

Based in the gorgeous town of Orange in Western New South Wales, Calare Public School adopted Hear and Learn Redcat and Flexmike as part of it’s vision of ‘Growing great human beings in spaces where they flourish by optimising listening conditions has been prioritised. Bouyed by our new technology featuring the smallest and lightest teacher…

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Cross-border adoption of Hear and Learn technology

December 2, 2022

We always feel gratified when Principals, upon transferring from one School to another, adopt our technology their new School. In consultation with staff at the Principal’s new School, our Redcat voice lift technology has been adopted west of Sydney in beautiful Lithgow.  Based on experiences about the benefits of optimal speech intelligibility for all learners…

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Hear and Learn UConnect Mini adopted in new library

November 30, 2022

On the breathtaking Shipwreck Coast in Victoria’s Southwest is the town of Warrnambool, the city enjoyed receiving funding for a new Library and Hear and Learn partnered with South West Communications to install UConnect Mini hearing augmentation interfaces in all rooms where there are screens and other devices that broadcast audio. See this beautiful new…

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Retrofit-ready Redcat improves auditory learning at Historical School

November 29, 2022

Educators and Learners at St Roch’s Catholic Primary School in Glen Iris, Melbourne have embraced Hear and Learn’s Redcat soundfield technology in 7 learning spaces. Built in 1930, the School features stunning, yet challenging, architecture from yesteryear and as such Principal Angie Mastoras has prioritized the optimization of auditory learning. “Our rooms have high ceilings…

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VSBA Building Quality Standards Handbook drives best practice auditory learning and inclusion

November 28, 2022

The Victorian School Building Authority is at the forefront of Australian education infrastructure projects.  It’s May 2022 Building Quality Standards Handbook create minima in respect to hearing augmentation and soundfield which reflect a policy that all hard of hearing learners, teachers and visitors deserve all audio to be delivered to receivers in their hearing aids….

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