A superior school audio system delivering results

Hear and Learn promotes improved learning spaces for students and teachers with a superior school audio system. Our industry-leading technology reduces the strain on teachers while simultaneously improving the learning environment for all students.

How do we help with differentiated learning and agile learning spaces?

We have school audio system Pods that groups of learners use where they sit. Featuring wireless speakers with in-built microphones, benefits include:

  • teachers can flick from whole group instruction to talking to an individual desk
  • learners can talk back to the teacher via Pod to the teacher’s earpiece
  • teachers can listen in on learners without them knowing
  • learners can use a call button to get the attention of teachers
  • teachers can talk to each other privately wherever they are.

How do our classroom audio systems help with hearing augmentation?

All Hear and Learn Hubs connect, without software or proprietary appliances, to personal assistive listening devices, neck loops and induction loops. Our classroom audio systems have been created to meet Australian Standards, in accordance with the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 – F2010L00668. Any room, any need, any application.

How are Hear and Learn Hubs Better?

The way our classroom audio systems operate is unique. We are the only supplier that uses the Access platform.

The ‘Access’ Microphone to Hear and Learn Hub Transmission System is unique. It does not interfere with wi-fi. It doesn’t need tuning and it doesn’t need updating.

Our classroom audio systems use ‘Exciter’ speaker technology, engineered for voice so one speaker can service a whole rooms. Subtle and clear, it creates a mist in the air to deliver sound equally throughout rooms.

Hear and Learn technology is agnostic for easy integration. Any type of transmitter for any assistive listening device connects to our Hubs. What everyone hears is what is delivered to the hearing-impaired student. No incompatibility. No software. No upgrades.