Australian educators are leaders in allowing learners to collect and process auditory instruction.

More than 12000 Australian learning spaces have Hear and Learn tech in them. Teachers turn on their voices like they turn on the lights.

Educators know more about the challenges faced by learners. Beyond issues of permanent and fluctuating hearing impairment, other challenges include processing disorders and learners being from increasingly diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Optimising listening conditions is a key strategy in addressing these challenges.

Using Hear and Learn Hubs to capture the voices of teachers, the voices of learners and AV and distributing this crucial audio to every corner and area of a classroom creates a gentle, and thorough listening experience for all learners irrespective of how far they are away from sound sources. Teacher voice strain is reduced too.

Hear and Learn are at your service to create true inclusion for all learners, in all learning spaces, for all learning environments.

With a nationwide network of hands-on people to help, we retrofit existing learning spaces and install our unique products into new buildings and refurbishments. We design solutions for you and furthermore provide set-up advice, training and service.

Better listening, better learning, better teaching.


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