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What does Hear and Learn do?

At Hear and Learn we specialise in enhancing the acoustics of learning environments to make them more welcoming and inclusive. Our expertise lies in optimising sound clarity and intelligibility, ensuring an ideal auditory experience for teaching and learning.

All audio to all ears. Always.

What is soundfield technology?

Soundfield, sometimes known as voice lift or classroom sound enhancement technology, is an industry term relevant to tech that captures and distributes the sounds of teaching to create the same volume and clarity of voices and screen audio anywhere in a learning space.

Soundfield technology allows all students, including those with hearing loss, to hear their teacher clearly no matter where they are seated, also saving teachers from sore throats and voice loss.

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Soundfield Solutions
What is hearing augmentation?

Hearing augmentation, or the transmission of sources of auditory learning (including inbuilt amplified audio) to receivers built into hearing aids, needs to cater for all learners, teachers and visitors. Solutions need to be agile to changing brands of receivers which use different transmission platforms. Cross-brand compatibility is key.

Hearing augmentation All Ears infographic 2024
Hearing Augmentation