School audio systems helping teachers and students

Hear and Learn is the sole supplier of Lightspeed Classroom Sound Enhancement Technology products, providing a family of school audio systems and differentiated learning solutions for learning spaces of any size and design. We create sound systems that help you to get maximum efficiency out of your learning spaces. We help teachers save their voice by using our technology and students to hear and learn better.

It’s very simple as far as we are concerned: “if students can’t hear, they can’t learn”.

Our systems have been used for more than 10 years in many state, catholic and independent schools across Australia. A huge number of existing schools and new schools are realising that it’s not good enough just to have touch screens and interactive whiteboards and other learning technologies if students can’t hear 100 per cent. Nowadays some of our products are being used more and more as classroom management tools.

With a nationwide network of hands-on people to work with you, we retrofit existing classrooms and build into new buildings. We design solutions for you, provide set-up advice and training and service.

At Hear and Learn we consider listening in learning spaces requires the same consideration as vision in learning spaces. Just like turning on lights ensures everybody can see, we capture and evenly spread the sounds of teaching to create a more equitable environment for all learners – irrespective of how far away they are from teachers.

Better listening, better learning, better teaching.

Classroom sound systems for differentiated learning

Hear and Learn can assess your school and custom-design and install a unique sound system for your classroom, library and other agile spaces.

Our range incorporates the cutting-edge Flexcat system, Access Link, Redcat sound system, 955 Access, Topcat Access and 885 Access, as well as microphones, speakers and other accessories.

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