UConnect Mini

UConnect Mini hearing augmentation solutions

For wall recessing, the UConnect Mini is a steel, low profile hearing augmentation solution. Approx. 315 x 280 mm, UConnect Mini is prebuilt by Hear and Learn and comes to site for connection to electricity (no on-wall power points or cables) and prewired inputs from PA speaker, screens and any other audio.


Mini bundles for different learning spaces:

UConnect Mini to be installed in view and reach of learners, teachers and visitors. Soundfield can be added to the UConnect Mini when storing and securing mikes is not a priority.


Out of view and touch components include our bespoke electronics which transform and balance audio input, and most cabling.

Ultra-strong polycarbonate transmitter tray houses transmitters supplied to the school by Hear and Learn, or those owned by learners. Transmitters can be locked into the transmitter tray and be permanent to the space.


Spares, parts and accessories

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