UConnect SoundHouse

UConnect SoundHouse hearing augmentation solutions

Available in a wall recessed model, and another for wall mounting, the UConnect SoundHouse is your all-in-one Instructional audio solution. Available in your preferred color too, and labelling can be bespoke to your school.


SoundHouse bundles for different learning spaces:


UConnect Soundhouse means internal amp/receiver broadcasts to speakers voices and screen audio in a way that is even for all to create a calmer, more intelligible listening experience. Speakers can replace ceiling tiles, be recessed in ceilings or be out of reach on walls. Any learning space can be equipped to compliment architecture and education outcomes.



Secure space for storing personal items and charging devices

Steel, approx. 500 x 300 mm, lockable, low profile UConnect SoundHouse is prebuilt by Hear and Learn and comes to site for connection to electricity (no on-wall power points or cables) and prewired inputs from PA speaker, screens and any other audio. UConnect SoundHouse to be installed in view and reach of learners, teachers and visitors.


Include soundfield solutions to SoundHouse solutions which means in ceiling, pendant or out-of-reach wall speakers distribute screen audio evenly through-out the space AND voices of teachers and learners for a better auditory learning outcome for all listeners.

SoundHouse also offers storage and charging of our Teacher Flexmikes (the smallest and lightest in the industry) and student Sharemikes.

Opening the door, teacher sees controls and mikes with all other components out of view. These components include our bespoke electronics which transform and balance audio input, and most cabling.

Ultra-strong polycarbonate Transmitter Tray houses transmitters supplied to the School by Hear and Learn, or those owned by learners. Transmitters can be locked into the Transmitter Tray and be permanent to the space.

Advantage 1: Agility and future-proofing

Hearing Augmentation – or the transmission of the sources of auditory learning (including inbuilt amplified audio) to receivers built into hearing aids – must cater for all learners, teachers and visitors.

T-Switch / in-floor induction loops / personal induction loops do not work for all learners. The Federal Government supplies various hearing aids with different receivers. Hearing Augmentation solutions must be agile and not tied to any one transmission platform.

No reliance on learners using personal devices and no reliance on learners wearing additional stigmatising equipment. Schools maintain communal transmitters for the use of students, teachers and visitors, or they use their own.

Advantage 2: Compliance readiness

Federal Disability Law, Building Code and Govt/Diocesan/School policy is a complex blend of regulation. Just like we allow physical access to buildings via ramps, this blend of law supports the view that all auditory stimuli should be made available to the hearing impaired.

A performance-based solution is needed and a blend of regulation applies.

UConnect SoundHouse and UConnect Mini mean the sounds of teaching – PA, AV, and voices – can be delivered to the hearing impaired. True equity is achieved. Together with our HearAssist package, our performance based solution is compliance-ready and supported by expert opinion. Included: Bespoke and standards compliant Braille Tactile signs are provided.

Expert Access Consultant Report available upon request.

An example of one bespoke Code-compulsory Braille Tactile signs compliant with Australian Standards 1428.5 – 2010, Communication for People who are Deaf or Hearing Impaired allowing for comfortable viewing at the nominated distance. The height of our text is 20 mm which means we meet these standards.

Advantage 3: Best of breed support

We deliver a training and commissioning program beyond handover to ensure technical developments are known and that support is available. HearAssist is a program of face-to face, email and telephone support provided by Hear and Learn. It involves two phases: 1 at Commissioning post installation, and 2 ongoing training and education of staff.

We supply full post install support and training.

Advantage 4: Three in one functionality

With UConnect SoundHouse, our family of amplifier/receiver/ in-ceiling or on-wall speech intelligibility optimising speakers is used to achieve three outcomes:

One bundle handles AV, Voice and Hearing Aug.

Advantage 5: Easy install

UConnect SoundHouse and UConnect Mini come pre-built with all bespoke electronics built in to transform and balance audio, and allow quick connection to power, PA signals and AV. Power points are built-in too.

“This is the easiest and most logical hearing aug product I’ve seen. I particularly love the spring brackets on the hub basket. It’s so easy to install”
– Luke, Green Phase Electrical

Advantage 6: Caters for all

All learning space designs and teaching methods are catered for:

Hearing augmentation solutions for soundhouse in classrooms

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