About Hear and Learn

Established in 2002 and Australian owned, Hear and Learn operates Australia wide supplying and supporting Lightspeed (US) soundfield/classroom audio solutions.

We offer free trials of our technology in existing schools, free design advice for Architects, Infrastructure and Electrical people for new buildings and refurbs, and telephone, online and service call support.

We love helping learners and teachers alike and do our best to offer solutions and support built on simplicity and practicality. We offer tech that requires no licences, minimal upkeep and no software upgrades. Plug and play.

Our teacher microphones are the smallest in the market and our speaker solutions are low footprint and compliment design and aesthetic.

We support Educators in delivering optimal auditory learning in whole group and differentiated learning environments in traditional learning spaces right through to collaborate learning spaces.

Australian owned.

Daniel Hughes (left) and David Downing run the Hear and Learn operation out of Melbourne. Daniel, a father of two young men, joined Hear and Learn in 2017 and loves the buzz of creating solutions for educators and getting enriching feedback from learners, teachers and leaders.

David co-created Hear and Learn after experiencing first hand the power of better listening conditions having been a professional musician for many years. He thought that if we know adults enjoy a concert more if they can hear every note, why don’t we create the same environment for Learners. Hence, Hear and Learn!

Both golfers, dog owners and with an unhealthy obsession with 80’s hits, they welcome your contact and with an Australia-wide team, are at your service.


Ex-teacher Kristine Paphazy (whose parents, stepmum, aunt and grandmother and aunt were all teachers – with father, stepmum and aunt being principals as well throughout their careers)has embraced her new role as account manager to help our thousands of clients getting the best out of your Hear and Learn teacher microphone/receiver/amplifier technology.

While stating that “working with educators and helping improve the learning outcomes for students is not feeling like work” and “it’s the most fun I have had in my employment over the last 5 years!”, Kristine is bashing the phones to help with spare parts, technical support and referring educators to the support material atwww.hearandlearn.com.au/help

A mad golfer and traveller, Kristine loves Melbourne’s golf courses and walking around the far-flung islands of Scotland. She barracks for the Mighty Blues and Melbourne Storm.

We are here to help with trials, planning for new constructions, and getting the best out of your auditory learning strategies.

Go Kristine!


Candice joined Hear and Learn in 2016 and mixes handling the administration side of business whilst raising two young daughters at home with her fiancé Will.

“The balance I am able to achieve from our business is that my work and family life are both as important and adaptable to each other. I can enjoy a morning coffee and get some

work done in my slippers before I go into ‘mum mode’.”




As part of Bella’s parole program from the Warrnambool RSPCA, Hear and Learn engaged her 8 years ago to help with improving the mental health of the team. Bella has done such a good job that she is being considered for role of CEO although she needs to improve her software skills and falling asleep in the job.

Wake up Bella!