About Hear and Learn

Classroom audio systems for schools

Better learning

Your connection to the brains of your learners is better achieved if everything you say is delivered clearly and consistently while you use a conversational voice. Using our audio systems is like every child is sitting next to you wherever you are.

Whether using our Flexcat audio system, Topcat Access or Redcat sound system, teachers and students alike will enjoy the benefits.

Voice care

Have you ever suffered from voice strain from teaching?

Ever known a teacher who is damaged after years of orating at a volume higher than if they were chatting over dinner?

Is projection another word for shouting?

Voices fade fast. Rooms are big. It’s tough to teach. Hear and Learn¬†classroom audio systems allow teachers to speak in a conversational voice. By capturing the voice and allowing it to be broadcast where children are, bad noise drops as learners are more engaged and good noise jumps as our Hubs do the work. Portable and built-in solutions available.

Inclusion and differentiated learning

We now know of the challenges faced by today’s learners. Beyond hearing impairment, issues including Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) and the cultural and linguistic diversity of students are very relevant. Hear and Learn Hubs and hearing augmentation tools help teachers develop differentiated learning environments.

Better behaviour

Creating an equal auditory learning experience for all learners means there is better engagement. Hear and Learn school audio systems facilitate creating calmer environments and help address the challenges teachers face day to day.