Hearing augmentation solutions

Hearing augmentation solutions for any sized learning space

The UConnect range, including UConnect SoundHouse and UConnect Mini, are agile plug and play hearing augmentation solutions for any learning space.

Learners, teachers and visitors now wear different hearing aids with different types of inbuilt receivers; there is no universal platform to achieve transmission of audio to receivers in those aids. Traditional solutions alone should not be adopted should you wish to future proof your buildings.

Hear and Learn hearing augmentation range

The technology built into hearing aids is evolving quickly.  The Fed Govt supplies different aids to different learners, and receivers in these aids are different.  There is no universal platform to augment instructional audio to receivers in hearing aids. The Building and Construction Code requires that learning spaces need to be equipped with infrastructure to transmit audio to these receivers however deemed to satisfy guidelines are outdated. A performance based approach is needed to recognise that receivers in aids have and will change. New Australian Standards reflect this point.

Hear and Learn’s augmentation solutions

UConnect SoundHouse and UConnect Mini are best of breed solutions:

  • Instructional audio is collected, transformed and connected to any type of transmitter to aids now and in the future
  • Our ‘In Wall’ interfaces come with all electronics and power supplies pre-built so that there is no ligature risk with electrical cables
  • Easy to use and supported by Hear and Learn’s Hear Assist package
  • Can be powder coated in any colour to suit your new build

The UConnect range are bespoke in-wall interfaces to all audio in a learning space – office messaging / PA, screen audio and perhaps voices – so that all learners with hearing aids with inbuilt receivers irrespective of brand / type  – get the same auditory information as any other learner.

Each type of in-wall interface – whether it’s a UConnect SoundHouse or UConnect Mini – come to site with all electricals and electronics built in and tested.  Out of the box and into a wall without extra GPOs.

UConnect SoundHouse and Mini capture and transform instructional audio (including school wide and local messages from the office, local screen audio and another other audio) so that it is available for transmission to receivers in aids worn by learners, teachers and visitors.

The UConnect SoundHouse and UConnect Mini respects regulation by allowing any type of transmitter to aids to be used to suit the school’s population.

Supported by reports of expert Access and Compliance/Surveyor experts, our solutions offer best practice outcomes to comply with Code/BCC, Disability Law, Standards and Govt/Diocesan policy.