Hearing Augmentation Solutions

Laws and rules about hearing augmentation have evolved. This is a blend of Federal Building Code, Anti Discrimination legislation, and State and Diocesan rules about building new schools and refurbishing existing ones. Just like rules pertaining to wheelchair ramps, ambulant toilets and the like, there are rules pertaining to hearing augmentation.

Hearing augmentation means collecting (at least) inbuilt amplified audio and allowing its transmission to receivers on hearing aids. It’s not making audio louder. You can also transmit voices and other AV direct to receivers on hearing aids.

Solutions need to minimise stigma for hearing aided learners, teachers and visitors. And, they need to be as discreet, have a low footprint and make be easy and intuitive to operate.

Solutions need to be agnostic. You need to know any transmitter to hearing aids can be connected to UConnect, and any bundle will work if learners are supplied different and varying hearing aids and transmitters into the future.

Learner’s own transmitters can be connected or the School can maintain a communal supply. Or our SoundHouse has everything built in permanently.

UConnect is exclusive to Hear and Learn. It is a bespoke slimline wall plate with in-wall basket housing out of view all power supplies, cabling, connections and electronics. LockBox houses and powers transmitters to hearing aids, and microphones.

UConnects comes premade for easy install. No additional wall plates or power outlets need be specified. Bespoke internal electronics make connection to PA signal, any local AV and Hear and Learn soundfield solutions easy, and transforms in to be ready for connection to hearing aid transmitters. PA Priority means other AV is muted when there is a PA signal.

We supply UConnect in different bundles. You can add soundfield so all audio including voices is captured and delivered evenly and gently throughout the whole learning space.
Learners own transmitters can be connected, or the School can maintain a communal supply. Compliant Braille tactile signage provided, and simple instructions supplied.

UConnect – for collection and augmentation of inbuilt amplified audio (PA and AV)

UConnect 955 – UConnect with Soundfield in rooms of any size and any ceiling type.

UConnect Topcat – UConnect with Soundfield in rooms of up to 100 square metres with tile grid ceilings.

UConnect Redcat – UConnect with Portable Soundfield in rooms up too 100 square metres.

DOWNLOAD UConnect Hearing Augmentation / Soundfield bundles here

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The Hear and Learn SoundHouse involves collecting all audio – including that audio that is required to be augmented – and transmitting this to any type of hearing aid using the technology built into the SoundHouse. Transmitters stay permanently in the SoundHouse. Soundfield is built in too.

Gymea Bay Refurbishment – 4 rooms complete with Activate Pods