Soundfield solutions

Soundfield solutions & sound systems provide auditory access for all learners in all learning spaces

Hear and Learn has the widest range of soundfiled solutions specifically designed to capture the sounds of teaching, and distribute them evenly to all areas within learning spaces. Soundfield, or classroom sound enhancement, is globally recognised as a classroom tool that delivers quick benefits for auditory learning in all learning environments.

Hear and Learn soundfield range

Soundfield is technical term for technology where teachers and presenters wear microphones and speakers(s) distribute voices to optimise speech intelligibility.  Hear and Learn’s tech has been engineered to be that which features the smallest and lightest microphones that are the easiest to use. And it features no onfloor footprint, slimline design and simplest install with minimal ligature risk.

Our range including Redcat, Topcat and 975 handle any design of learning space and always feature the smallest and lightest teacher Flexmike and student Sharemike.

There are many challenges to best practice auditory learning. Hear and Learn helps by:

  • Creating better experiences for learners who may not speak English at home, or may have processing challenges such as Central Auditory Processing Disorder, or may have permanent or fluctuating hearing loss, or who respond best to instruction that is delivered with a conversational voice.
  • Allowing teachers to speak in a conversational voice avoiding vocal strain and encouraging the use of more descriptive language
  • Spreading instructional audio evenly across all areas of learning spaces which are larger and more agile so that all learners receive a calm and gentle listening experience
  • Capturing instructional audio including voices and screens so that learners at the back get the same auditory learning experience as learners at the front of the room.
Trade in your old soundfield for new soundfield!

Hear and Learn makes it easy for you to upgrade your classroom audio equipment and support the environment. Trade in your old classroom audio equipment and receive a credit toward the purchase of a new classroom system. Receive $150 credit per old system received by Hear and Learn, which is replaced by a purchased Hear and Learn system.

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