Auditory Access for all Learners in all learning spaces

Hear and Learn has the widest range of solutions specifically designed to capture the sounds of teaching, and distribute them evenly to all areas within learning spaces. Soundfield, or classroom sound enhancement, is globally recognised as a classroom tool that delivers quick benefits for auditory learning in all learning environments.

It’s the capture of the sounds of teaching – teacher(s) voices, learner(s) voices and AV – and distributing them evenly and gently throughout all areas of teaching spaces for the benefit of all learners, avoiding voice loss, and creating calm learning conditions. Learners with unique challenges – for example those with different experience with language, those with processing challenges and those with fluctuating and permanent hearing loss – enjoy a more inclusive experience.

Click here to read and watch strories from Australian schools about our technology.

Our family of solutions is the biggest to suit different rooms sizes, different aesthetic concerns, different rooms usage and if there is a need for portability. The cornerstones of our products are:

  • slimline, low footprint, discreet
  • low install and turnkey
  • smallest microphones
  • simple and obvious to operate
  • no clutter, no drop out, fool proof microphone transmission platform called Access.
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Click on the products below to learn more. Or just contact us if you would like expert design / solution advice.

We work closely with Architects and Electrical Consultants on new schools and refurbishments. We work in all sectors and all states and territories.

  • Redcat Access – portable and best for retro into traditional rooms up to 100 square metres


  • Topcat Access – great for traditional rooms up to 100 square metres with a tile grid ceiling


  • 955 Access – for larger spaces, including agile spaces, up to any size and with any type of ceiling


  • 885 – for larger spaces when you want audio to be able to split into different areas within the same space
  • Access Link – adding mikes to existing audio infrastructure
  • Activate – world exclusive small group instruction tech for differentiated learning