Hear and Learn News

Flexcat Access Range FC-F4-1881-P

August 1, 2018

Finally, a flexible school audio system designed for small group instruction. The Flexcat system delivers interactive audio for the collaborative classroom, with advanced audio technology that defines student-centred learning. It’s a very powerful classroom management tool for collaborative learning. Flexcat sound systems utilise wireless two-way communication to connect the teacher and students in ways never before possible. Teachers deliver…

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Redcat Access RCA-F-1881-P

July 10, 2017

  Powered by Lightspeed’s Access Technology, Redcat Access is a simple-to-use solution right out of the box. The unique flat-panel design fills the room with amazingly intelligible speech, enabling all students to hear every word. This is by far the most popular Hear and Learn product. The Redcat sound system works in any classroom configuration: high ceilings, glass…

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