Flexcat and Redcat sound systems for schools

Hear and Learn is the sole Australian supplier of Lightspeed Classroom Sound Enhancement Technology. Our company is devoted to optimising listening conditions in learning spaces to complement the ambitions of teachers, students and parents.

Teachers and students benefit from our fully customisable school audio systems, including the industry-leading Redcat sound systemFlexcat audio system and range of classroom sound enhancements.

Benefits of our classroom management tools

We complement the principles for the design of learning spaces in new school buildings and the refurbishment of existing spaces by helping to:

  • embrace the advantages of creating agile learning spaces and learning based on collaboration and differentiated lesson design
  • cater for the cultural and linguistic diversity of learners and create truly inclusive learning spaces
  • capitalise on new schools attracting teachers with new ideas and new ambitions
  • enhance the performance of teachers
  • saves teachers voice as they use only their conversational voice (teachers Voice Care).

More than 6000 teachers use Hear and Learn Hubs in their learning spaces.

Take a look at our range of collaborative learning tools below and contact us to find out how we can help your school.