New Australian standard offers clarity on what learning spaces require UConnect hearing augmentation solutions

A new Australian Standard now offers much needed clarity on what triggers a need to outfit learning spaces with UConnect hearing augmentation solutions.

The latest AS 1428.5 states that where there is a wall / ceiling speaker that broadcast’s screen audio or messages from the office, that we need tech to send this audio to receivers in hearing aids. TV’s are included too as are Soundbars.

Architects, Electrical Consultants and Infrastructure Experts will benefit from this guidance as Code / BCC uses outdated language.

Devoted to Design for access and mobility and Communication for people who are deaf or hearing impaired, the 2021 revision Part 5 of AS 1428.5 states at 2.3 a definition of inbuilt amplified audio. It means the various forms of audio in learning spaces, distributed by speakers, need to be delivered to the hearing impaired.

Hear and Learn has always supported hearing impaired people getting equal access to all and any audio that people without hearing challenges are given.

UConnect SoundHouse and UConnect Mini products are built to collect all audio in a learning space and augment this to all and any receivers in aids worn by learners, teachers and visitors.

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