Australian Hearing clarifies integration of classroom sound systems with hearing aid transmitters

Students supplied with hearing aids and transmitters can integrate with Hear and Learn classroom sound systems and equipment.

Advice from Australian Hearing states:

“The following transmitters that are fitted by Australian Hearing all come with an audio input socket, so could be connected to one of the outputs of the Lightspeed system, enabling the child with hearing aids to have personal FM/Roger input to their own hearing aids as well as receiving sound from the loudspeaker system.”

And, “(Once) connected to the external audio source, the signal to noise ratio heard by the listener will be dependent upon the processing characteristics of the external audio source, rather than any signal processing that happens if the transmitter’s own microphone is used. “

All Hear and Learn Hubs capture all sound sources. These include numerous teacher voices, all inbuilt and portable sound sources. And the output of our systems is exactly what is captured.

We can advise on all aspects of integration. Please contact us to find out more.