Yearly Archive: 2020

News from the Tiwi Islands!

November 10, 2020

Milikapiti Community in Melville Island has a population of about 450. The School has an enrolment of nearly 80 students from Pre School to Middle Years. Kathryn Cochrane, Classroom Teacher has a Hear and Learn Redcat in her classroom and reports it “has been great” as “the students love taking turns to use the (Sharemike)…

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The SoundHouse train keeps chugging along: educators, architects and electrical consultants opt for all in one education auditory learning solution

October 29, 2020

Against the background of stakeholders respecting that sound in learning spaces is as important as sight, here’s a couple of snaps of Daniel assisting in the installation of numerous Soundhouses at a State School in Melbourne. The Hear and Learn SoundHouse is steel, is recessed into a wall or surface mounted, and offers the capture…

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Language teaching and soundfield!

October 28, 2020

Imagine if you were trying to learn a new language. Perhaps a new Australian for whom English is not their first language, or for some one learning French. Here’s some awesome feedback… “I just love that the children can CLEARLY hear the intonation of my voice and the sounds that we don’t have in English…

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Holler for a Marshall? Holler for soundfield!

October 26, 2020

An English teacher in WA went out of her way to share this with us: I have used a Redcat since the 2nd one was ordered in the Junior School and they are a real asset to teaching. I do have voice strain issues and it really helps with that. It enables all students to…

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Blame it on the Boogie? Nup; the Redcat did it!

October 22, 2020

Recent feedback from an independent school: The Redcat Access system is incredible and I feel so lucky to have on in my main teaching room. The set up works best if the system is mounted in the centre of the room. The microphone is very clear and easy to transfer from teacher to student during…

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Hang On! Help is on it’s way…

October 21, 2020

Hear and Learn has welcomed a new staff member. Ex-teacher Kristine Paphazy (whose parents, stepmum, aunt and grandmother and aunt were all teachers – with father, stepmum and aunt being principals as well throughout their careers)has embraced her new role as account manager to help our thousands of clients getting the best out of your…

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The merits of Soundfield explained: how delivering auditory stimuli evenly throughout learning spaces creates learning ‘magic’

October 15, 2020

In 2015 Hear and Learn hosted Carol Flexer, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Audiology, The University of Akron and Northeast Ohio Au.D. Consortium (NOAC) to present seminars around Australia. Please see a ‘best of’ video from the Melbourne Seminar. Among other topics, Professor Flexer explains how explains how connecting sound to the brain is crucial. Using technology,…

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Signal to Noise Ratio in Learning Spaces: does voice fade enough in a standard classroom to complicate auditory learning for all learners?

October 9, 2020

More and more, educators, architects and other stakeholders are responding to regulation, policy and research about speech intelligibility.  But why? It makes sense that a child’s growing brain needs all the best food it can get and learning via the ears is part of that.  Simply because children haven’t got as many word files stored…

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The significance of best of breed listening conditions for CALD Learners

October 5, 2020

While regulations in Australia continue to push towards building learning spaces that cater for the needs of children from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, research supports this evolution. The latest rules attached to the construction of new Vic State Schools states “students with English as a second language … need sound-field systems” and and similar…

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