Yearly Archive: 2021

Future Proofing Learning Spaces

December 23, 2021

In the Eastern suburbs of Geelong, Victoria has an average student population of around 200 with relatively small class sizes. A small cohort of students qualify for Special Needs Funding and 95% speak English at home. Sometimes building hearing augmentation technology into new and refurbished learning spaces can be thought of as something we think…

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Teacher Microphones: Less IS More

December 21, 2021

Remember the days when you couldn’t carry a mobile phone in your pocket?  Perhaps we are showing our age but they were literally like bricks and now they can be lost in your Speedo’s. Teacher mikes are the same especially with the new Flexmike! Compared to other teacher microphones of other suppliers, the new Flexmike…

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Hear and Learn offers Australian educators the widest range of soundfield solutions including the Award Winning “Topcat”

December 16, 2021

American education magazine “THE Journal” awarded its 2021 Platinum Award to the Topcat in the “Classroom Audio Distribution/Sound Enhancement” category.  Since 1972 and based in California, THE Journal informs K-12 administrators about technology to improve and advance the learning process through the use of technology. All Hear and Learn products have the new Flexmike which weighs 34 grams…

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News from the Limestone Coast – 7 more SoundHouse’s

December 14, 2021

Midway between Melbourne and Adelaide is Naracoorte High School. In a town world renowned for its World Heritage listed Naracoorte Caves, Learner Wellbeing Teacher Carli loves our new SoundHouse full soundfield and hearing augmentation systems in 7 rooms offering “new Soundfield is a great tool for  undiagnosed auditory processing disorders” and she “can’t wait to see my…

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More in the Mount: inspiring messaging from new SoundHouse installations

December 10, 2021

Australian Educators and stakeholders in the construction of new schools understand that true inclusion for all learners extends beyond physical and visual access, to auditory access as well. We understand that yesterday’s perception that it is more important to ensure all areas of a learning space are well lit, than ensuring all learners are delivered…

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St Edmunds Special Education Facility

December 3, 2021

  Hear and Learn worked with Architects Glendenning Szoboszlay Architects Pty. Ltd regarding new constructions at two campuses of St Edmunds Special Education Facility , Sydney. The Hear and Learn SoundHouse is being adopted in 23 learning spaces to provide agnostic and agile transmission of all instructional audio – teacher and learner voices via our Flexmike and…

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Hear and Learn Help works: News from Frankston, Melbourne!

December 3, 2021

Our Daniel Hughes rang Head Office today overjoyed about his experience at Mahogany Rise Primary School in Frankston, South East Melbourne. Like education facilities all over Australia, staff turnover is ongoing and allowing teachers to learn and adapt to policy, procedures and culture is a challenge. So is learning about technology. Foundation Teacher Megan recently…

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Soundfield Amplification Research Summary

December 1, 2021

It is very often assumed that capturing teacher and student voices, and having speakers distribute this instructional audio, is a symptom of hearing loss.  This concept – known of soundfield or classroom sound enhancement – is relevant to learners who need an auditory boost, however a summary of research adds weight to how it helps…

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An interview with Emeritus Professor Carol Flexer

November 30, 2021

Carol Flexer is a Professor of Audiology in the School of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology at the University of Akron in Ohio, USA. Perhaps the world’s most respected advocate of optimizing listening conditions for all learners, this interview discusses the merits of teacher voice and student voice capture technology, and for speakers to distribute this…

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