School audio systems improve noise and engagement

Noise and engagement can be improved in classrooms to address concerns of Australian Federal Education Minister

NSW newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported on 15 March 2017 that international reports about the state of Australian education determine “44% of (NSW) students don’t listen to what the teacher says the majority of the time”.

Background noise in classrooms can compromise the ability of students to hear the teacher well. A major reason why the spoken word competes with noise we don’t want is because children are not engaged. Fidgeting, movement of furniture, and chatter can be caused by the voice of the teacher not being intelligible.

Principal of St Michael’s Catholic Primary School in Berwick Dr Angela Kelly offered this feedback after installing Hear and Learn equipment in every room. “Every child receives the same message. We have auditory equity. Communicating with children using a gentle voice creates warmer relationships. We have a calmer school now.”

Any shape and use of teaching spaces can be accommodated by the family of Hear and Learn Hubs. Please contact us to find out more about our school audio systems.

School audio systems improve noise and engagement