Students share Soundfield benefits

The cornerstone of Hear and Learn’s work is to create better outcomes for Australian students. We are always thrilled to get feedback from the horse’s mouth simply because it makes our day. Here are some heart-warmers about our unique Soundfield systems:

“I felt normal. If Miss Page was further away, it made no difference.”

“It sounds like the teacher is right to you. Helps me learn more.”

“Easier to learn because I now know what to do more.”

“It’s better to be able to understand things better.”

“Softer now and I don’t get a headache.”

Teachers also commented:

“Now with the technology, the kids would stay on focused longer, settled and quiet. This was solely due to the equipment. To ensure kids had not tuned out totally, I asked questions during the entire period to gain an understanding of comprehension. Hands went up during the entire period. This has never happened to me before. I was not strained.”

“We have been particularly impressed with the versatility of the system; the sound is amplified evenly throughout the room, regardless of the position of the teacher. This enables students at the back of the room or furthest from the teacher to hear all that is being said. On visiting classrooms, I have noticed that students are more focused on ‘teacher talk’ and rooms are actually quieter. Teachers have commented on the fact that students appear to be more focused and respond to all questions and instructions immediately.”

We offer free trials of our Soundfield technology Australia-wide. Experience the difference.