Port Augusta West Primary School chooses Hear and Learn Partner SAV Systems for soundfield upgrade

To better facilitate the flexibility of a new larger agile space, Hear and Learn technology was chosen over others. With the widest ranger of speaker options on the market – including Topcat and TCQ speakers – our 8 speaker solution was chosen.

Smaller Flexmike microphone and the ability to retrofit Activate small group learning pods are factors why Hear and Learn systems are chosen by educators. Another is the exclusivity of our Exciter speaker systems which mean high speech intelligibility and low footprint.

Exciter speaker technology is a key feature of our Redcat Access all in one system. This system was chosen to replace redundant technology in 7 other rooms.

Principal David Lawton was hesitant to adopt the Redcat Access given he was accustomed to four speaker systems but after demonstrations was most impressed and happy to install the Redcat Access systems and even happier with the cost savings.

SAV Systems was proud to be of service.