Hang On! Help is on it’s way…

Hear and Learn has welcomed a new staff member.

Ex-teacher Kristine Paphazy (whose parents, stepmum, aunt and grandmother and aunt were all teachers – with father, stepmum and aunt being principals as well throughout their careers)has embraced her new role as account manager to help our thousands of clients getting the best out of your Hear and Learn teacher microphone / receiver / amplifier technology.

While stating that “working with educators and helping improve the learning outcomes for students is not feeling like work” and “it’s the most fun I have had in my employment over the last 5 years!”, Kristine is bashing the phones to help with spare parts, technical support and referring educators to the support material atwww.hearandlearn.com.au/help

A mad golfer and traveller, Kristine loves Melbourne’s golf courses and walking around the far-flung islands of Scotland. She barracks for the Mighty Blues and Melbourne Storm.

We are here to help with trials, planning for new constructions, and getting the best out of your auditory learning strategies.

Go Kristine!