Language teaching and soundfield!

Imagine if you were trying to learn a new language. Perhaps a new Australian for whom English is not their first language, or for some one learning French. Here’s some awesome feedback…

“I just love that the children can CLEARLY hear the intonation of my voice and the sounds that we don’t have in English – like the rolled R or the nasal “in” and “im” sounds.

I find it an accommodation that suits ALL students – especially those with hearing and processing disorders. It makes sure that the students can all hear at the same level, no matter where in the classroom they sit. Giving class instruction is so much easier – my voice is clear and volume can be determined by me using the speaker.

I find when I do not use it I notice wear on my vocal cords – I feel like I have to strain more to get clarity and volume – particularly over a class working on an oral language exercise.

I believe that these units should be in every classroom and teachers should ALL use them. They are just of so much benefit to ALL OF the children.”

“Excellent. They should be in all classes. Great for all students not just those requiring the accommodation.
Great for teachers voices also long term.”