What is Ligature risk in the context of hearing augmentation solutions for learning spaces?

November 26, 2021

Hear and Learn works with Architects and Electrical Consultants Australia wide to create best practice performance based solutions that provide agnostic and agile compliance with regulations pertaining to hearing augmentation.

The blend of BCA rules, those in Disability Law and State / Diocesan Law and new knowledge about how receivers in hearing aids are varied and evolving, means the UConnect family of solutions tick boxes.

One important feature of UConnect SoundHouse and Mini is reducing ligature risk.

Ligature is a word referred to something that is used to bind, and in architectural and certifier circles, this means that they want solutions where the risk of cables being exposed and potentially choking learners or generally being unsafe must be minimised.

That’s why the SecureSlide system in a feature of UConnect hearing augmentation solutions, and all power supplies are inside our steel bodied, Australian made solutions so no cabling is exposed.

Further, unlike other suppliers, Hear and Learn offers solutions to mount our soundfield solutions so no cabling can be seen and there is no onfloor footprint, or risk of students knocking equipment.

An example of this is our PowerMount system for Redcat.

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