St Edmunds Special Education Facility


Hear and Learn worked with Architects Glendenning Szoboszlay Architects Pty. Ltd regarding new constructions at two campuses of St Edmunds Special Education Facility , Sydney.

The Hear and Learn SoundHouse is being adopted in 23 learning spaces to provide agnostic and agile transmission of all instructional audio – teacher and learner voices via our Flexmike and Sharemike, screen audio and office messaging – to receivers in hearing aids.  Further, our sound field solutions were included so that the strength and clarity of instructional audio is the same in all parts of each learning space.

Wall recessed SoundHouse shown at St Edmunds

St Edmund’s is Year 7-12 co-educational special high school for teenagers with a wide range of disabilities including students with mild to moderate intellectual disability, Autism and other sensory impairments.

Our solutions are supported by Help videos which teachers can view by scanning QR codes on our devices.

Watch the SoundHouse video