Learn about Hear and Learn’s US Partner, Lightspeed Technologies, the manufactures of our family of soundfield products

February 25, 2022

Our US Partner Lightspeed Technologies – manufactures of our family of soundfield products including Redcat with Flexmike and Sharemike – continually seek feedback from its clients.

One such client is Laurie Roberts, Educational Technology Coordinator at West Contra Costa Unified School District.  This District is in California and educates more than 32,000 students.

Driven by making Teachers voices as intelligible as possible to all Learners, compounded by mandates for Teachers to wear masks, the District implemented a roll out of Redcat technology.

Ms. Roberts, in am interview about Lightspeed technology, offered “My son has an auditory processing disorder, and the instructional audio system his elementary school uses has been very helpful. I also have a niece who is hard of hearing, and instructional audio has proven beneficial for her as well.”

After surveying Teachers in the District about trialing Redcats, and units being tested,  the decision to purchase units was made.

The benefits enjoyed by Teachers and Learners mirror the conclusions of more then 40 years of research summarized.