St Thomas More’s Catholic School and their use of Hear and Learn’s Redcat devices

March 2, 2022


St Thomas More’s Catholic School in Launceston, Tasmania has excellent and modern facilities that support the learning and teaching of its qualified and enthusiastic staff.

Consistent with this is optimizing listening conditions for all its Learners.  To overcome the fact that the ability for young people to comprehend new words and theories reduces dependent on how far they sit from a Teacher – even in average sized rooms with 30 Learners in them –  St Thomas Mores has adopted voice capture and distribution technology to create an equal auditory learning environment for the everyone.

In the same way today’s cars have sound tech in them that means passengers at the back hear music like those in the front, Hear and Learn’s Redcat devices – involving the Flexmike one-piece Teacher microphone – deliver crisp and clean auditory messages to all parts of the room.

Utilizing the new Point-to-Pair feature of new Hear and Learn microphone, St Thomas More’s also has two student Sharemike microphones which Learners can use in asking questions in Class and making presentations.  Point-to-Pair means that microphones can migrate from one Learning space to another and transmit to the Redcat in that space.

“We embraced this technology in 13 learning spaces recognizing that Learners enjoy Teachers speaking in a conversational voice.  This means a more relaxed and calm environment is created avoiding Teacher vocal fatigue” offered Deputy Principal Niccola Pearce.  “We recognise too that our Learners are all unique and deserve every opportunity to easily process auditory messages” added Ms Pearce.  Teachers wear a lapel style Flexmike which is small and light, and the Redcat devices are installed easily out of the box.