Gippsland school’s commitment to best practice auditory learning continues

April 8, 2022

St Joseph’s in Wonthaggi builds its teaching philosophy recognising the diverse needs of its student population and ensuring that all Learners are engaged and challenged.

As part of this, St Joseph’s has adopted our Redcat technology across its campus, and recently invested in our New Redcat soundfield technology with the smallest and lightest teacher microphone in the education industry.

As part of this quest that Learners experience continual learning growth, St Joseph’s actively optimise auditory learning by ensuring signal to noise ratio is consistent across all parts of learning spaces.

Signal to noise ratio is a measurement about how much ‘good’ noise prevails over ‘bad’ noise.  In the context of education, this means how much a Teacher’s voice, or that of a Learner, prevails over background noise from things including air-conditioning, road noise and auditory clutter associated with furniture.

The higher the signal to noise ratio is, the better it is for a Learner to comprehend auditory learning.  It maybe that trendy restaurants want music and discussions of neighbouring diners to intrude upon your discussions on your table to create ‘buzz’, we don’t want this in a learning space especially during whole group instruction.