Independent school adopts new point to pair Redcat in 10 primary school learning spaces.

April 29, 2022


Located in Melbourne’s inner East, Christ Church Grammar was established in 1898 and is the only Independent Anglican Parish Primary School.

A co-educational School since 1921 and fiercely proud of achieving results above National and State averages in all NAPLAN tests, current Principal Neil Andary and Hear and Learn worked together to determine if the experiences of Teachers and Learners at his previous School (Prince Alfred College Adelaide where Hear and Learn tech is in every room) would cross over the Christ Church Grammar.

After a trial of our Redcat soundfield devices – complete with Flexmike teacher microphone and Sharemike teacher microphone – feedback from Teachers and Learners was resounding (and pardon the pun) and positive.  Our teacher and student voice capture and distribution technology is being adopted in 10 learning spaces.