Teacher Voice Welfare prioritised in Western Sydney

Many professional musicians and bands use technology to assist vocalists who may be past their prime.  Understandably, singing your heart out for years on end does take its toll and arguments continue to rage as to whether singers using assistive technology (or backing tracks) is cheating the consumer.

Teachers face the same challenges in using their voice all day every day.  Voice Loss, Voice Fatigue and orating while ill is very real and Hear and Learn understands this.

We are of the view that capturing voices needs to involve microphones with cables, that are light and small, and can take the punishment.  Further, the speaker that broadcasts the teachers voice need to be where the audience so that the voice captures all learners irrespective of distance.  And the speaker must be engineered to boost the intelligibility of voice and not simply make it louder.

Parramatta West Public School has adopted our Redcat technology for two teachers who are suffering from diagnosed voice fatigue.