Hearing augmentation solutions adopted by state schools in Ballarat region

Hear and Learn enjoyed a productive day supervising the cabling and installation of UConnect Mini Hearing Augmentation Solution on-wall interfaces at 4 school campuses in the Ballarat region.

The Woody Yaloak Project in Scarsdale, another in Ross Creek and another in Snake Valley all will be outfitted with the UConnect Mini with PowerPlate and Portable Redcat soundfield.

The PowerPlate allows the Redcat to sit flush with a wall to creates the lowest onwall footprint to maximize student and technology safety.

The UConnect Mini means VSBA rules are complied with including those which state “Approved hearing augmentation systems require permanent cabling between amplification systems and devoted on-wall interfaces for transmitters (to personal hearing devices or receivers) to be safely mounted and connected” and “permanent cabling for devoted on-wall interfaces must terminate to practical locations for effective operation and be free from trip risk (i.e. have no unsecured cables to power supplies or general power outlets)”.

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