Elevating classroom audio: The evolution of shared portable soundfield and shared hearing augmentation devices

In the rapidly evolving landscape of educational audio solutions, staying abreast of the latest regulations and terminologies presents a significant challenge. At Hear and Learn, we dedicate ourselves to leading the charge in regulatory compliance and industry standards by consulting with audiologists and access consultants. This commitment ensures we remain at the cutting edge of both regulation and convention, providing schools with the most effective and inclusive auditory solutions.

A common query we encounter revolves around the distinction between portable soundfield systems and portable hearing augmentation.

It’s crucial to understand that hearing augmentation focuses on ensuring any amplified audio within a room is accessible to individuals using assistive listening devices. This encompasses the transmission of amplified in-room audio, which is a regulatory requirement for hearing augmentation systems. This necessarily means that any hearing augmentation solutions have permanent infrastructure to capture inbuilt amplified audio. And, shared hearing augmentation transmitters can connect to that infrastructure. This principle is the cornerstone of the UConnect inwall interfaces including UConnect Mini and UConnect SoundHouse and our supply of portable hearing augmentation transmitters.

However, the realm of educational audio extends beyond mere compliance. The moral imperative to ensure all students have equal access to auditory learning underscores the importance of transmitting audio from varied sources like TVs and projectors, not just voice.

Hear and Learn takes pride in offering shared portable soundfield speaker devices, exemplified by our Redcat device, equipped with Flexmike teacher microphones and Sharemike student microphones. They are distinctively recognised as shared portable soundfieldspeakers, designed to distribute audio evenly across the classroom, ensuring every student benefits from clear and thorough verbal instructions.

Moreover, the safety of learners, teachers, and visitors is paramount. Our Redcat solution, with its absence of on-floor cabling and integration with our PowerPlate or PowerMount, eliminates trip hazards and ligature risks by keeping equipment securely out of reach.

For educational institutions looking to enhance their auditory environment, Hear and Learn provides custom quotes on shared portable soundfield systems, tailored to meet the unique needs of each classroom. Embrace the future of classroom audio with Hear and Learn, where clarity meets safety and inclusivity.