Hear and Learn News

Southern Cross Catholic College Townsville

July 5, 2019

Every room from prep to year 12 has a Hear and Learn Redcat installed in every room. This roll out was completed in March 2019. To assist the school in such a project, Hear and learn completed an audit of all rooms for correct positioning of the Redcat, and full setup and training was provided….

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Rural NSW Catholic Primary School leads the region in advances in learning technology

June 13, 2019

We are honoured that St Joseph’s Primary School in Wauchope is another Australian school to adopt our small group instruction technology to empower teachers challenged by the evolution of curriculum and building design towards differentiated learning. Dane Seymour (Assistant Principal) offers the following feedback: “The audio system has supported our students with hearing concerns, allowed…

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Victorian School adopts SoundHouse technology

May 31, 2019

Hear and Learn is thrilled to receive a testimonial from St Joseph’s Primary School in Korumburra (eastern Victoria). The school prioritises optimal listening conditions for all students and has incorporated the two crucial technologies to achieve both equity and compliance. The first is compliance with Federal building codes pertaining the Hearing Augmentation. The Hear and…

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Tasmanian Catholic Primary School at the forefront of differentiated learning

February 20, 2019

Immaculate Heart of Mary Primary School in Hobart, Tasmania has embraced the Activate small group instruction technology exclusive to Hear and Learn. This means that teachers in newly outfitted double classrooms can deliver auditory instruction to the whole group in a traditional way, and also direct their verbal messages to individual groups. Differentiated learning is…

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Hear and Learn improves learning outcomes in WA

January 13, 2019

St Keirans Primary School in Tuart Hill WA is at the forefront of creating best practice auditory learning outcomes for students, teachers and visitors at the School. Adopting the Hear and Learn SoundHouse solution, the outcome for the St Keirans community is that all PA messages, TV audio and voices within their 6 newly refurbished…

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What is soundfield? It’s time to reboot!

May 18, 2018

In our work with Catholic, State and Independent schools, and architects and infrastructure experts attached to them, we are always glad to explain the evolution of technology that can be known as soundfield. This evolution has seen soundfield equipment grow from technology that captured one teacher voice and delivering it within standard classrooms.  That is,…

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Real teacher stories – Voice care for teachers

March 21, 2018

Hear and Learn regularly asks teachers about our technology.  We want to learn how to do things better and adapt to changes in education.   These are comments we collected recently: “As a teacher who would often lose my voice by the end of the day, the microphones helped me greatly. The open planned nature…

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