Awesome feedback from remote Western Australia

March 2, 2020

One Arm Point Remote Community School is in the Dampier region in the Kimberley in WA.

The School’s character is built on staff and students being respectful of self, others and culture, and are committed to developing students who are literate, numerate and resilient lifelong learners. Staff aim to help all students reach their full potential, with each one having the tools to make informed, considered decisions and also the skills and knowledge to find meaningful employment beyond their school years.

Hear and Learn soundfield is in all classrooms and teachers find them invaluable. Feedback from staff emphasized the ability to have their voice projected throughout the room without having to raise voice as a great asset in the class.

Some statements from staff:

“I think it helps project my voice so I am clearer around the whole room, not just the direction I am facing. I notice it helps some individuals with hearing difficulties; without it, I feel like I’m shouting at them or at least repeating myself multiple times so they hear what I say clearly.”

“As a working teacher I believe the sound field system brings great benefits to the classroom especially working with students who have hearing issues.”

Great news from a great part of our wide brown land!