St Joseph’s Primary School Trafalgar

March 11, 2020

In the primary industry heartland that is Gippsland in Victoria, staff at St. Joseph’s Primary School Trafalgar value every child and work to build relationships with the children and actively teach problem solving strategies and effective social and communication skills. As part of this strategy, optimising listening conditions is a cornerstone. Staff wanted to provide access for all in the classroom setting to meet the needs of many students challenged by auditory processing disorders and hearing impairment. Further, they wanted to offer clarity and comfort. Vocal health of teachers was a priority too.

The school opted for Hear and Learn tech. Students prefer to have the soundfield units in use as they responded well to a trial. The students remind teachers to wear Flexmikes at times them at times and find “it adds some ‘oomph’ when they are using the Sharemike in discussions, presentation of work ect.”

More oomph! Yes, more oomph! And not just for students.

“Most teachers notice a difference when they use (Redcats) They do not have to project and strain their voices. Students can hear with greater clarity no matter where they are in the room. For some teachers it is daily practise as putting on the school key lanyard around necks or name tags. Our specialist staff in Music, Japanese and Art have responded well to using them in these sessions. Some parents have noticed the difference & engagement too in those settings” reported the School.

And the knock out punch for Hear and Learn; “The personal service is great, particularly in rural/regional areas as this is so rare these days. The video clips have been useful & importantly short and to the point. Getting replacement parts has been easy! Well done!”

You know what we are going to say; give our tech a go.