Forbes Primary School Testimonial

From Amanda Harvey, Indonesian Teacher from Forbes Primary School:


I have found the system easy to use, as long as its charged, you can’t go wrong! It is user friendly and has minimal buttons to learn how to use.

The students are excited by the system and are quick to put their hands up to use the individual pods in different learning areas. This is great as it gives the students a sense of freedom but they can still be a part of class discussions and I can still tune in and listen to their thoughts, or check to ensure they are still on task!

So far, I find using the microphone has saved my voice and I am not so exhausted after each lesson, being a language teacher, this happens easily!

The microphone also just hangs around your neck, although it is not exactly a fashion accessory it is light and you actually forget you are wearing it.

Thanks again for everything,

Amanda Harvey

Indonesian Teacher

R-7 Forbes Primary School

80 Thomas St,

South Plympton

SA 5038, Australia