Queanbeyan West Public School Testimonial and Thank you Letter


On behalf of Queanbeyan West Public School I would like to thank you for your recent support in the purchase of Redcat Access Soundfields. We currently have the Soundfields in place in the majority of our infants classrooms and feedback so far has been amazing. The Redcats with teacher Flexmikes are VERY easy to use meaning that teachers are not intimidated by the technology, and having Sharemikes has meant that the students are invested in the use of the technology as well.

Some of the feedback to date has included:
“All of my class find it easier to hear instructions and have become more successful when attempting tasks as they do not need to seek clarification”
“I have found the soundfield useful. The students are more engaged and seem to listen better. I look forward to using the microphone more as I become more used to having it there.”
“For my personal welfare, I haven’t strained my voice as much. My students enjoy using the microphone to answer questions.”
“The soundfield has been a great asset. The class have benefitted by being able to hear instructions clearly. The students have increased engagement. It has assisted children who have hearing impairments and those without. In regard to my teaching practice, it has helped me with my voice as I do not need to raise/strain it. It spreads my voice evenly throughout the classroom.”
Thank you for the time you invested in ensuring that our school was set up with this technology, and be assured that it truly IS making a difference.

Felicity Ainsworth
Relieving Assistant Principal Hearing

Vicki Muscat

Queanbeyan West Public School , 100 Morton Street , NSW 2620, Australia