Differentiated learning technology – theory v practice

We recently looked around the internet to see if theory supports what Hear and Learn knows from its clients – that our Flexcat differentiated learning technology works!

One report states: “Evidence and experiences suggest that students enjoy and engage in their learning when it includes technologies. Although it is difficult to directly link the improvement of schools through differentiating teaching and learning with technologies, there is an increasing pool of research that suggests that teaching and learning with technologies does afford teachers the ability to construct student-centred pedagogies.”

Lightspeed Technologies in the US is the world’s only manufacturer of classroom audio technology that allows teachers to differentiate how they deliver audio instruction. That is, place auditory learning to whole groups, and individual groups. All the while using less energy and creating calmer environments.

A school in WA recently reported:

“Having the Flexcat device has made a massive difference to how we are able to communicate with our students. We currently have six pods in the classroom which are portable and can be placed in areas which the students are working in. This allows us to speak directly to students when they are experiencing difficulties, as there is a button on the side of each pod that the students use to ‘call’ the teacher. Each teacher has a microphone and earpiece for communicating through the pods and speaker. We have found that we are able to assist more students at once with the pods as we can answer their questions, no matter where we are or they are in the room.

“The students love having the Flexcat device in our room. They have taken ownership over it, ensuring that it is set up each morning and put back onto charge each afternoon. In Mathematics lessons, the group leader is responsible for taking one of the pods with their group so that they can ‘call’ the teacher if they have a question or an issue with their work. In English lessons, the students communicate with the teacher around the room to clarify their understanding or to ask if they are allowed to use other resources to assist them.”

Good work Lightspeed!