Challenges to voice care in agile learning spaces

“Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, and challenges to voice care in agile learning spaces: some feedback from the field about better auditory learning”

Hear and Learn attended a school in Melbourne today where there are more than 20 languages spoken by students outside of school including Arabic, Turkish and Nepalese. Our Flexcat System with 4 pods were installed at this school. The challenges for children for whom English is a second language to comprehend the teacher are obvious.  Every little bit of help with receiving clear and complete aural instruction goes a long way to helping students and teachers with. Alicia, a Grade 3 teacher, sharing some interesting feedback after using our equipment for 1 hour.  “Thank you so much!  I can now lower my voice and manage the rooms better” offered Alicia who added that her work in an  open learning space makes it difficult to ensure all students get the message.