Real teacher stories – Voice care for teachers

Hear and Learn regularly asks teachers about our technology.  We want to learn how to do things better and adapt to changes in education.


These are comments we collected recently:

“As a teacher who would often lose my voice by the end of the day, the microphones helped me greatly. The open planned nature of our classrooms can mean that at times we have to project our voice over many distractions, leaving you feeling exhausted by the end of the day. I would highly recommend this technology for all schools”

“As a teacher the use of these devices can drastically improve my practices as I am not so focused on grabbing the students’ attention using vocal projection alone. They also improve my vocal wellness.”

“In the past 3 years since we have been in the new learning spaces my voice has deteriorated to the point where I now have to visit an Ear Note and Throat specialist with advice to use a system such as yours in the classroom. My voice is not the same and by Friday without a sound system, I actually find it hard to talk. This technology is a must as my voice is my biggest teaching tool if I cannot speak I will not be working!”

It’s very rewarding to learn we are helping Australian teachers who slog it out day in, day out.