Why Exciter speaker technology – a cornerstone of our family of soundfield solutions – offers an educational edge

January 28, 2020

There is no audio solution that “throws” sound. There is no solution that “overcomes the laws of physics.” Yet there is a breakthrough audio solution that provides access to comfortably audible and intelligible speech for every child in the classroom. And does so with ease of installation, no steep learning curve for teachers, or complex speaker placement or management of finicky, outdated systems.

Audibility is generally found in the lower frequencies (such as vowel sounds and vocal fundamental sounds). These sounds are easy to project. Intelligibility is found in the higher, soft consonant frequencies. You cannot make “t” or “s” loud no matter how hard you try. Consider whispering – which generally relies on the soft consonant sounds — you cannot make a whisper loud.

Exciter speakers – in our Redcat, TopCat and TCQ systems – is advanced, yet simple. So how does it work? A series of exciters directly applies sound energy to the sound panel, “exciting” the voice signal. Since the energy from the exciters is transferred to the surface of the flat panel, every point across the panel radiates the sound – sending it out evenly throughout the classroom.

The result: an incredibly clear and intelligible way to distribute the teacher’s natural voice.

Watch the video to understand the Hear and Learn edge.