Aus study concludes Hear and Learn Technology is worth trialling for children with Autism

February 11, 2020

Around 5 years ago, we donated our Redcat technology for the purpose of a study into the impacts of it on children challenged with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Headed by Wayne J. Wilson,School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, The University of Queensland ǀ Autism CRC, the results of the study offer guidance to parents and educators in considering technology to optimise listening conditions in learning spaces.

It has been reported our technology “has sufficient potential for improving classroom performance in children with ASD to warrant trialling in classrooms on a case-by-case basis.”

Further, the report encourages educators and parents having realistic expectations; it’s fair to expect that a trial delivers benefits for children on the spectrum in some areas of phonological processing and functional listening abilities. But, not all areas including phonological processing and functional listening abilities, and not attention, memory, literacy or numeracy.

The study also suggests our tech could put children on the spectrum in a better position to learn but does not guarantee those children will go on to immediately improve their learning.

There were no negatives of using our equipment and the potential to harm children on the spectrum on the spectrum in the classroom is low.

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