April 28, 2020

The Hear and Learn Mobile Connector has been released and is available now.

The Mobile Connector is worn as a pendant, and via pairing to a computer via Bluetooth, the teacher’s voice is constant in strength and clarity. Given a teacher is not then bound to the computer via cables or being near the computers built-in microphones, the teacher has the freedom to demonstrate, use visual devices, and convey learning with body language.

Click the image below to download pdf.


Watch the video that details the experience of Kim Huckerby of The Wellbeing Affect, Kim talks about her delivery of mental health first aid courses and wellbeing programs.



Before Mobile Connector, “I did a four-part (online) video series … and feedback was the sound was echoey” explains Kim. With the Mobile Connector, and “My aim as well with this training is to … walk away (from my computer) and to know that the sound is great, and know that quality is still there.” Further, “(The Mobile Connector) opens up that door … to actually show teachers … they can turn around and talk to a whiteboard and don’t need to be sitting in front of a computer”.

Interestingly, Kim tells how she coaches teachers in this online environment about how to deliver the best instruction and offers “you can actively engage (with students online) and have a sound that’s going to keep them there because ultimately it’s around connection which a lot of people feel you miss and you miss that body language and that non-verbal communication and with the Mobile Connector it’s going to enable teachers to connect through a computer.”

Mobile Connector is part of the wider family of auditory learning tech and can be sourced in the Hear and Learn products section.