Hearing Augmentation: priority of PA messages over all other audio by UConnect SoundHouse and UConnect Mini

Hearing augmentation is the process of transmitting audio in learning spaces to receivers in hearing aids. In reference to this today we were asked a very important question; when a message from the front office to a learning space is broadcast, what happens to other audio?

All Hearing Augmentation products of Hear and Learn have our PAPriority function. Let’s dumb this down ….

A hearing impaired learner, teacher or visitor receiving augmentation to receivers in their aids via our UConnect SoundHouse or UConnect Mini could be receiving teacher voices, student voices, audio from devices including TV’s etc and a duplication of messages from the front office (or PA) signals.

It is widely accepted that a message from the front office should be received by the hearing impaired person over all other audio.

That’s why all our UConnect products have PAPriority built in which means when messages from the front office are broadcast, voices and device audio goes to sleep so that the PA message is heard loud and clear.