Small group learning boosted in sunny Gippsland: Hear and Learn Activate system kicks another goal

The Gippsland region of Victoria stretches from Melbourne’s eastern outskirts all the way to the state border with New South Wales in Victoria’s far east.
This extensive and diverse geographical area is renowned for its natural beauty. Visitors will enjoy hundreds of kilometres of spectacular coastline, picturesque rivers and lakes, forests and snowfields.
In the town of Lakes Entrance is St Brendan’s Catholic Primary School which “aims to teach every child at their point of need and to give them the individual care and attention they need to be successful and flourish in life.” Part of this has been the adoption of Hear and Learn’s Activate technology.

Teacher Kirsten Daly offered this feedback to Hear and Learn’s Daniel Hughes:

“Thanks for coming up and helping us sort out the system. It has been working really well. Your visit was fantastic showing us how to use the pods and to learn how to use them in a more productive way. We have been able to have small groups out of the room, listening to them and also knowing when they need help. It only took the kids a short time to teach when to press the (call) button. The sound projection in the both rooms is fantastic, they can all hear us and we notice we are only using a soft voice” states Ms Daly.

Further “The year 2 teachers needed a little help with the microphones” … “but I worked it out for them (thanks to your explanations of the system).
Thanks again.”

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