Yearly Archive: 2020

Blayne Public School Redcat Review!

September 24, 2020

Jaime Medbury, Principal of Blayney Public School in country New South Wales, kindly offered this feedback after the installation of 11 Redcat soundfield devices: “Hearing in the classroom is important and the loss of hearing can have a major impact on student learning. When we looked at supporting our classes, we research a range of…

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New ideas to store and secure Hear and Learn products

September 10, 2020

We identified a need to make our solutions more securable and instinctive. We are proud to announce the new SoundHouse cabinet system, and a the new PowerMount system. The SoundHouse redefines the look of soundfield and allows for an all in one solution that is aesthetically pleasing. All electronics built in and tamper proof. Lockable….

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Radio Ga Ga?

August 25, 2020

An advantage of Lightspeed’s soundfield solutions is that teacher Flexmikes and student Sharemikes is that they ‘talk’ to sounfield solutions (including the Redcat Access and 955 systems) on a platform that is separate and distinct from other technology in a School. But what does this mean? The platform used by wifi and live performance equipment…

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Who is the actor you ask?

August 21, 2020

Hear and Learn launched new videos lately and feedback is that they love the work of Benji and asked about his background. To demystify what soundfield and hearing augmentation are, Hear and Learn engaged Benji to make a movie to explain it all once and for all! Benji has starred in such films as “Catch”,…

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Architects adopt best practice listening conditions in US Schools

July 3, 2020

Just like architects and electrical consultants in Australia, those in the US are adopting tech that Hear and Learn exclusively supplies in Australia. Watch Archtitect Joe Saffiotti of Coleman Partners Architects discuss a new construction in Louisiana, United States. With learning spaces designed to encouragement collaboration, East Baton Rouge District Superintendant Warren Drake explains the…

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May 11, 2020

You may have extra concerns regarding sanitisation at your school, and part of this may be to take steps to clean electronics and AV equipment. We encourage you to think about this in the context of our Flexmikes, Redmikes and Sharemikes, and other microphones you have in your school Our new Hear and Learn microphone…

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April 28, 2020

The Hear and Learn Mobile Connector has been released and is available now. The Mobile Connector is worn as a pendant, and via pairing to a computer via Bluetooth, the teacher’s voice is constant in strength and clarity. Given a teacher is not then bound to the computer via cables or being near the computers…

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The Simplicity of Hear and Learn Uconnect Hearing Augmentation solution

April 17, 2020

The UConnect by Hear and Learn is being specified by architects and electrical consultants for new school buildings and for the refurbishment of existing ones. While one edge of UConnect is its agility to adapt to new and future hearing aid technology, another is the simplicity of its installation. As part of our work at…

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