Hear and Learn agile learning Soundfield outcome in sunny Gippsland

October 20, 2021

Redcat Access systems capture teacher voices, and broadcast them for the best listening experience for all learners, in 3 learning spaces adjacent to each other at St Laurence O’Toole Catholic Primary in Leongatha.  Known as soundfield, or classroom sound enhancement, this involves teachers wearing microphones – ours are called Flexmikes – and our Redcats broadcasting voice to boost speech intelligibility for students irrespective of where teachers and students are in a space.  Further it helps with teacher voice welfare and children with learning challenges including central auditory processing disorder and hearing impairment.  And quite simply, it helps create a calmer student learning experience.

To exploit the advantages of their modern and agile architecture, Teacher Christy and Principal Liz asked Hear and Learn for a solution where the three rooms could operate as one when sliding doors between rooms were opened.  Agile learning spaces and those used to promote collaborative learning are promoting new teaching methodologies.

Our Multimike Solution was adopted meaning, without cabling, the three Redcat Access systems broadcast the voices of three teachers across the whole space at the same time.

We always enjoy allowing learning spaces to operate the way they are designed and to facilitate best practice teaching.