Hear and Learn Redcat Soundfield facilitates transformation of two learning spaces into one

November 8, 2021

St Laurence O’Toole Primary School Leongatha consulted with Hear and Learn about best practice listening conditions in a 150m2 learning space occupied by two teachers and over 50 students.

The school’s familiarity with Hear and Learn’s Redcat Soundfield solution in all other classrooms meant that teachers already understood the benefits for voice welfare and students’ auditory learning.

In this space two Redcats operate as one without unnecessary cabling and install costs. Now each teacher’s conversational voice can be heard and understood by all learners irrespective of distance. Speech intelligibility in maximized.

Redcats are also integrated with screen audio.

Christy Roberts, Leader of Student Learning and Well-being praised the benefits of Hear and Learn soundfield by offering “with the change to the grade 5/6 space, now being all in one room, we wanted to ensure all learners can hear the teacher, and we also wanted to help the teacher with voice protection. Having the TV broadcast via the Redcat speakers was an added bonus I didn’t know we could do”.

Further, “we didn’t require an electrician or any messy cabling. Hear and Learn came to site with the already paired units, Daniel plugged them in and we were away. Easy to operate, no fiddling with tricky tech. It’s a fabulous, practical solution.”