Hearing Augmentation SoundHouse installed in Victorian Secondary College

October 20, 2021

Patterson River Secondary College, in the South East of Melbourne, has undergone significant refurbishments and as part of that Hear and Learn’s full soundfield and hearing augmentation solution SoundHouse has been installed.

Hearing augmentation is the process of transmitting audio to receivers in hearing aids. In the context of learning spaces, this includes messages from the front office (commonly known as PA) and audio from Screens.

Consistent with Victorian State Government’s very progressive approaches to inclusion, and that of Architects and Electrical Consultants, soundfield technology was included in the SoundHouse installation.

Soundfield – a term used in education circles to describe tech to capture voices of teachers and students and for them to be distributed evenly throughout learning spaces – means teachers can speak in a conversational voice and learners enjoy calm instruction. Research concludes that learners for whom English is a second language, or learn differently by virtue of challenges including Central Auditory Learning Disorder and hearing impairment – whether permanent or temporary – enjoy a better learning experience.

Hear and Learn’s teacher Flexmikes are the smallest and lightest in the industry and SoundHouse’s agnostic hearing augmentation platform means any aid worn by a learner, teacher or visitor can receive transmissions of voices, screens and PA messages.