Ballarat, Victoria boasts a strong history in spurning world class athletes and the traditional continues

Hear and Learn was chosen to equip and support hearing augmentation in a sports hall given its different models of on-wall interface units.

The Uconnect SoundHouse was adopted given it’s all steel and high strength polycarbonate construction.

A quality hearing augmentation option, the UConnect range provides hard of hearing and deaf learners with the audio input their fellow students are able to access for learning.

Complete with appropriate Braille Tactile signage that is consistent with relevant section of AS 1428.5 and universal design principles (i.e. in properly spaced Braille and standard type; clearly visible, located at the main entrance to the teaching space; accessible at wheelchair height), UConnect hearing augmentation interfaces (and sound field) solutions are appropriately labelled and mounted at an accessible height for use by hard of hearing/deaf users.