Remote Schools and First Nations Learners: Redcat Sound field adopted.

In recent days Hear and Learn has been gratified by continuing to share a common vision with Educators and Learners with unique challenges.

More than a decade ago, our first generation soundfield was supplied to schools in NT and WA.  Enduring the punishing conditions for 10 years, these Redcats battled red dust, heat and humidity.  Known worldwide as being a high quality and durable sound field solution, new Redcat Access units – with the industry’s smallest and lightest teacher microphones – were supplied to schools battling the additional complication of otitis media or middle ear infections.

Sound field technology utilises microphone and speakers to project and protect teachers’ and speakers’ voices and assist all students to hear verbal instruction. This can be of particular benefit to students with English as a second language, auditory processing disorders as well as those who are deaf and hard of hearing.