Soundfield benefits all learners and assists with unique teaching challenges – our free trials prove the point

For the same reason that we install lighting and windows in learning spaces so that there are no visual blackspots, Hear and Learn’s soundfield technology does the same thing for auditory learning.

Our Redcat, Topcat and 975 soundfield devices – which can also be described as voice lift or classroom sound enhancement technology – make sure teacher and student voices are distributed evenly throughout a room so that there is no discrimination between the signal a child closer to a teacher gets, compared to a learner who is further away.

The benefits are not difficult to imagine especially when this technology avoids the need for a teacher to expend more energy by raising their voice about a conversational voice.

What is less understood are the benefits for learners who learn differently to most.  In recent times, we have had new relationships with schools driven by issues associated with learners being challenged by Otitis Media, and also Central Auditory Processing Disorder.

And in recent days, we have provided our tech for trial by teachers of new Australians who have been granted political asylum and in many cases have never received formal education.

This is why we do what we do, and we love it!